21 Sep
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Human Rights Education

  • Identified 6 project participants / CBOs to implement the micro project.
  • Came up with a strategic project plan for Port Harcourt Area.
  • Trained and inducted the project participants on the various human rights instruments in relation to their different human rights thematic areas.


21 Sep
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Voters Education and Mobilization of Electorates for Nigerian 2015 National Elections: South - South Zone

  • Trained 120 participants on civic/voters education in each south – south region of Nigeria.
  • Trained 180 participants each on election challenges and environment from each state in the south – south region of Nigeria.
21 Sep
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Recruitment and Training Transition Monitoring Group

Recruitment, training and deployment of 180 Election Observers in Bayelsa and Rivers States.


21 Sep
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Monitoring of Oil Spills Incidences in the Niger Delta and Post Oil Spills Activities by Stakeholders

  • Trained 30 community members from Rivers and Bayelsa State on qualitative and quantitative documentation of Oil Spill incidence and post oil spill activities and procedures.
  • Facilitated Stakeholders interaction and collaboration with relevant agencies, IOCs and communities.
  • Created awareness and sensitized the target group on the importance of a properly constituted post spill process on community environment and compensation for imparted community people.


21 Sep
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Community Oil Spill Monitoring

 Development of a pro-poor Advocacy Policy.

21 Sep
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Integrated Response Mechanism for Reducing Violence against Women & Girls and Youth Unemployment

  • 30 Peace Clubs with a total of 600 members has been established in 4 communities within Rivers State.
  • Successful building of confidence in the members to stand and speak up against violence on women and girls.
  • 3 Youth Leadership Networks with 60 members has been established in 3 communities in 3 LGA in Rivers State.
  • Successfully the youths to own the process and constructively engage government on instilling transparency, accountability and inclusivity in their employment process and empowerment programmes.
21 Sep
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Tomorrow Is A New Day I and II (Supporting Community-Level Conflict Resolution and Reintegration of Ex-agitators to Promote Stability in the Niger Delta)

  • Barriers to reintegration and community healing, including bad attitudes and mind set, lack of information or misinformation, and lack of concrete opportunities, was reduced in targeted communities.
  • Targeted communities have a collective, inclusive vision of reintegration, reconciliation, and peaceful coexistence for the future.
  • Coalitions within communities bringing in women, youth, community leaders, ex-militants together for problem-solving, community policing, and trauma healing were developed.
  • Communities have strengthened capacity for conflict prevention, early warning and rapid response systems.
  • A new channel of information and dialogue, namely Information Resource Centres, and theatre for change was established in three Niger Delta states. 
  • Marginalised groups, and most specifically youth, women and ex-militants, have access to a platform for airing their concerns, ideas, and grievances for consideration by their peers and decision-makers.
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Our Field Experience

Research,  Advocacy and Publications

CEHRD researches, monitors and document on human rights , small arms, governance and topical biodiversity and environmental issues in the Niger Delta region and their associated human rights impacts.  Below are some of the published papers and reports of CEHRD on the above subject matter.

  • The Big Disarmament Gamble; the Comeback of the Small Arms and Light Weapons.
  • The Proliferation of Small Arms, Armed Groups and Violent Conflicts in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.
  • Harvest of Guns in Rivers State.
  • Group Warns Against Gun Violence in Rivers.
  • Militant’s Action, Military Rage in Nigeria’s Niger Delta; Over 3,000 Urban Poor Rendered Homeless.
  • The Bodo War of Attrition: A briefing paper on the Bodo, Ogoni Crisis.
  • Conflicts Resolution and Peace Building in the Niger Delta: The Role of Government Institutions and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).
  • A CEHRD report on the state of human rights abuse and violence in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.
  • Bi-Monthly report on Incidence of Election Related Violence Monitored In the South-South zone
  • How to ensure peaceful and sustainable natural resources exploitation and ecosystem protection: the case of Ogoni and Andoni.
  • The challenges of sustainable fisheries in Nigeria.
  • Scooping oil for survival: NNPC celebrates ecosystem hazards in the Niger Delta.
  • Small scale shrimp fisheries in Nigeria.
  • Persistent oil spillage at Bodo Creek; unprecedented impacts on ecosystem stability, biodiversity and food security of Ogoni communities.
  • Pollution and poverty in the Niger Delta region –what is the responsibility of oil companies in Nigeria?
  • Impacts of oil pollution on livelihoods and in Nigeria
  • JK4 oil spill report
  • Impacts of extractive industries on the biodiversity of the Niger Delta region, Nigeria.
  • Climate change and flooding: fate of riverine communities in the Niger Delta
  • Mainstreaming climate change mitigation and adaptation in Niger Delta Communities: role of women
  • The true tragedy: delays and failures in tackling oil spills in the Niger Delta (Joint report with Amnesty International)
  • Another Bodo oil spills: another flawed oil spill investigation in the Niger Delta (Joint report with Amnesty International)
  • Bad information: oil spill investigations in the Niger Delta (Joint report with Amnesty International). 
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CEHRD's Organogram

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Governing Board

Board of Directors

  • Ms Constance Meju                     - Chairperson
  • Ms Jereoma Ikomi                        - member
  • Mr. Patrick Naagbanton                 - member
  • Ms Ibiba Donpedro                   - member
  • Mrs. Linda    Akinsaya                 - member
  • Ms Caroline Obediah                 - member
  • Mr. Steyvn    Obodoekwe         - member
  • Dr. Nenibarini   Zabbey     - member (Coordinator)

International Advisory Board

  • Ms Judith Robinson
  • Professor Scott Pegg
  • Professor Scott H. Baker
  • Gary Foxcroft