Advanced Advocacy Step-Down Training For 30 Women In Kpor

CEHRD program team supported the SFCG Field officers for Rivers state to conduct a step-down training on advanced advocacy in Kpor community for the women group. 30 women were in attendance.

During the two days trainings, the facilitators used demonstration, group work and question and answers sessions to make participants understand and participate in the trainings. The 30 women were able to explore in depths different training modules on advocacy. The first module enable participants to explore the concept of advocacy, uses of advocacy, the need to advocate, steps in advocacy and the common ground approach to advocacy, problem and solution tree, use of stakeholder analysis in advocacy and how lobbying can be a powerful tool in the advocacy process.

The training ended with participants being made to develop an action plan around the issue of illiteracy. They will tackle it through the introduction of adult education for rural women. This led to the formation of a 5 woman technical workgroup (TWG) who will lead the development of action plan to tackle issues on adult education for rural women in Kpor to prepare them for inclusion in decision making processes.

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