CEHRD organised a Gender Based Civic and Citizenship Education for 40 members of Women in Governance Network (WIGN).

CEHRD organized a Gender-Based Civic and Citizenship Education at Ulakwo Town Hall, Etche, Rivers State for 40 members of Women in Governance Network (WIGN).The training built the confidence of the grassroot women, exposed them on their basic human rights and limitations and encouraged them to actively participate in politics. The meeting identified 18 persons who showed interest in vying for political positions in the next general elections in Rivers State. These women will be mentored under the  CEHRD’s Mentorship programme to enable them fulfil their short and long term goals and contribute to the development of their communities and the Rivers State. This is part of activities under the framework for inclusive self-reliance and equal rights in the Niger delta, a project supported by the embassy of the kingdom of the Netherlands, Abuja. The WIGN is a platform designed by CEHRD to bring together women in politics and promote their inclusion and participation in politics.

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