Inclusive Participation in Governance Outreach in University of Port Harcourt

CEHRD organised an outreach for Inclusive Participation in Governance in partnership with Independent Community Media Advocacy Project (ICMAP) and the Endowment for Democracy, NED. Participants for the outreach were drawn from waterfront communities in Port Harcourt. The outreach focused on how communities could actively participate in governance and decision making processes to enable them effect the needed changes towards the development in the waterfront communities in Port Harcourt.

This is predicated on the fact that the government can’t really talk about developing communities without the adequate participation of these people in the decision making process or the planning process.

The ICMAP network was founded by CEHRD in 2016 and is structured on community ownership by democratizing the media landscape and empowering the citizens to advance their human and environmental rights. The ICMAP collaborates with community-based citizen journalists, environmental monitors, and human rights paralegals to develop community-owned and oriented media that serve as an information hub and advocacy tool for human, environmental, and social rights policies in the region. Through Citizen journalism, we are fostering a sustainable network of stakeholders able to produce and distribute relevant community-oriented audio-visual materials for change.

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