Interactive Sessions between Members of Youth Leadership Networks and Representatives of Government Ministries and Agencies

CEHRD organised interactive sessions between the youths in Abual/Odual, Gokana and Phalga LGAs and Government Agencies in Rivers State. The interactive sessions provided a level playing ground for community youths to meet with relevant government elected and appointed employment/empowerment directors and officers. During the interactive sessions, community youths had the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions. The interactive forum also provided an avenue for invited directors and officers to communicate the activities of their agencies, dispose of rumours and advice communities on the recruitment and selection processes as well as how to keep abreast of recurring and upcoming opportunities.

The interactive sessions led to increased visibility of the networks’ activities, increased collaboration and partnership of relevant government agencies with the networks, community leaders and youths from the 38 communities in the 3 LGAs, increase in information dissemination and campaign for peace; increased commitment to the right values and non-violent strategies in transforming community economic actions into significant development and creation of youth employment registers in the ministries and local government, where youths can come at their free time, register their names, the community, sex, previous qualifications and the skills they need to acquire and a more transparent selection process.

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