Before the Town Hall Meeting on the provisions of Violence Against Persons (Prohibitions) [VAPP] Law organized by the Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development (#cehrd) in Port Harcourt Local Government Area, Mercifull Glory didn’t known anything about the #riversstatevapplaw and Gender Based Violence (#GBV).

Click here for more information about the Town Hall Meeting: https://web.facebook.com/CEHRD.DEV/posts/5227212640675879?__cft__[0]=AZW0q57qxVCFppgVHVkpGl8F43C7D6mb0ZK-kYIo11yYGUAVYOQ0xImiDf527hAbvC4wzgEadpc4IYLD3HtZRMbvxBX3lwRD2IvNs4eoMEyadyrKI2RFFLUd9mYP7PXQx3DUsgwhDF9Q0Odi_AUq97i3BSks1XWHPSpN6D7DNYCjNQBzLd_UumCBzMAFihs6kbk&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

She saw wife battering a scene she witnesses in her environment as one of the challenges to overcome when and if married. Although she underscored the act to be evil, but didn’t know wife battering is a crime against the state.

During the Town Hall Meeting, Mercifull Glory and other participants were sensitized on the provisions of the #riversstatevapplaw, and the proper channels to seek justice if victim or for victims of #GBV.

Merciful Glory making her contributions during the Training of CSOs and Local Communities in Port Harcourt LGA organized by CEHRD

After the meeting, Mercifull Glory’s perspective towards GBV changed. She got to know that the act is criminal and a crime against the State. She also got to know the right channels to report or advise victims when #GBV cases occur in her environment.

Today, Mercifull Glory has encouraged and still encouraging victims of #GBV to speak out and end the culture of #silence.

#cehrd is glad to know that her project: “Enhancing Prevention and Responses towards Gender Based Violence in Rivers State” is affecting lives positively and changing perspectives towards #GBV in Rivers State.

Mercifull Glory is one of many affected by the project which is supported by #EuropeanUnion

*Photo: Mercifull Glory in the Training of #CSOs and Local Communities in Port Harcourt Local Government Area, Rivers State where she suggested that the training should be taken to Tertiary Institutions so as to coop increase rate of #GBV cases in the form of sexual abuse in the Universities, a welcome idea…

Photo Credit: Egbilika Josiah, #cehrd

Remember: Always support the implementation of #riversstatevapplaw

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