Tomorrow Is A New Day I and II (Supporting Community-Level Conflict Resolution and Reintegration of Ex-agitators to Promote Stability in the Niger Delta)

  • Barriers to reintegration and community healing, including bad attitudes and mind set, lack of information or misinformation, and lack of concrete opportunities, was reduced in targeted communities.
  • Targeted communities have a collective, inclusive vision of reintegration, reconciliation, and peaceful coexistence for the future.
  • Coalitions within communities bringing in women, youth, community leaders, ex-militants together for problem-solving, community policing, and trauma healing were developed.
  • Communities have strengthened capacity for conflict prevention, early warning and rapid response systems.
  • A new channel of information and dialogue, namely Information Resource Centres, and theatre for change was established in three Niger Delta states. 
  • Marginalised groups, and most specifically youth, women and ex-militants, have access to a platform for airing their concerns, ideas, and grievances for consideration by their peers and decision-makers.

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