CEHRD built and equipped a computer room and sickbay for Wiwa Model Nursery/ Primary School, Bane, in Khana LGA, Rivers State. This is also part of CEHRD’s school health programs.
CEHRD’s School Health Nutrition Programme with OgiSoyplus has been extended to several Nursery and Primary Schools pre- COVID-19 and more pupils during this COVID-19 period in Gokana LGA, Rivers state. Timmy Global Health and Bebor International supported it.
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Rural Health & Community Development

CEHRD is concerned about the health of the rural Niger Delta community members. This Program area seeks to address issues of rural health. CEHRD runs this program to create awareness, better knowledge, and provide active health care for the rural people in the Niger Delta geographic communities. We also promote health protection through enlightenment, and outreach campaigns against prevalent diseases such as tuberculosis, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, etc, and planned parenting. 

CEHRD is experienced in the execution of Health Programs in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria and in collaboration with other organization, have participated and implemented diverse health projects. We have collaborated with Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) to implement a lot of interventions in the health sectors in Rivers, Cross Rivers, Ebonyi and Imo States.

CEHRD promotes sustainable development of the community in partnership with government where appropriate. However, we oppose ill-planned Development Projects that neglect input from local peoples, including destroying the basis of their rural livelihood and economies. We also promote human rights based development.


It is obvious that due to the unevenness in evolution of societies, the development process is often initiated and led by certain categories of people in the community privileged by its history to be influential –the top-down approach often lead to “dumped development”. Nevertheless, the development process can only be successful if along the way, there emerge a collectively enlightened people. Apart from this, we are left with a community of beggars and benefactors.

Over the years, CEHRD has carefully ensured that its activities are not influenced by politicians. This has been maintained through non acceptance of grants or gratifications from government, oil and gas multinationals or their agencies. The revenue accrued from crude oil which contributes to over 90% of the national revenue, since 1965, predominantly returns to the pocket of those in power and their allies.
Program Reports and Publications
Environment & Conservation
Polluted Promises

Shell is responsible for a toxic legacy in the Niger Delta. People are dying, sick, can’t feed themselves and have no clean water because Shell …

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Environment & Conservation
Amnesty International Training of Micro Project Participants

CEHRD had a participatory consultative survey of stakeholders and the project participants and a baseline to ascertain the human rights needs of people in selected …

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Child Right Project
Environmental Knowledge Development through the Establishment of Rachel Carson Environmental Library

The environmental library was established to enhance environmental knowledge development and the promotion of collaborative research, learning and information sharing amongst scholars, activists, researchers and …

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