Anti-Oil Theft Campaigns and Sensitization

The anti-oil theft campaigns and community sensitisation programmes focused on communities involved in illegal oil trade and artisanal refining. The objective of the campaigns and sensitisation programmes is linked to the broader objective of combating oil theft and artisanal refining through environmental and health impact community-level campaigns, trainings and awareness raising programmes.

CEHRD believes that if communities are properly sensitised, and are aware of the risks posed by oil theft and artisanal refinery to their health, environment and livelihoods, they will mop up operations through appropriate community governance mechanisms and traditional justice institutions to fight the criminal enterprise.

To this end, CEHRD produced 1000 branded t-shirts and face caps for the anti-oil theft campaign. The inscription at the back of the t-shirt reads, ‘our environment is our life. Stop illegal oil bunkering’. The t-shirts were distributed to community members in fifteen communities in Rivers and Bayelsa States where training on Environmental Impact Assessment was carried out.

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