CEHRD Challenges Niger Delta Politicians, Leaders to Run Accountable and Transparent Government

Tuesday 11 June, 2019

The Centre For Environment, Human Rights And Development (CEHRD), a non-governmental, non-profit making organization has nearly 20 years of working experience in remote rural and poor urban communities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria and other parts of Nigeria.

On Wednesday, 12th June, marks officially another journey in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic. The Niger Delta like other regions in Nigeria is still witnessing violence, destructions, environmental decay, hunger, human rights abuses, poverty and others in spite of the fact that it is the home to massive oil and gas wealth.

From 1999, the beginning of the journey into the Fourth Republic, the Niger Delta region especially, has received trillions of naira from crude oil allocation (13 percent derivation). Yet, the region has nothing to show for all these huge oil revenues in terms of peace, stability and development.

CEHRD and other non-governmental organizations and other experts working in the region have separately, and continuously shown ample evidences that the greater percentage of the crises in the region is oil resource – related.

Tragically, politicians and leaders from the region who occupy or aspire for positions at federal, state and local government levels do that just to access the region’s funds to fund their luxurious lifestyles and frivolities, NOT for service to the marginalized people.

Reviewing the state of things in the region, CEHRD is gravely worried about the future of the region and its dire consequence.

David Vareba, the head of the Human Rights and Governance Programme of CEHRD, said:

“We can’t continue the way we are doing because time is running out. The Niger Delta region has received revenues running into trillions from 1999 until date. Apart from the oil revenue accruable to the states, they are also generating revenue internally (Internally Generated Revenue (IGR). What about allocations also from federal government agencies like Niger Delta Basin Development Authority (NDBDA), Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Niger Delta Ministry and other funds and grants to the region?”

“Where are all the monies? If all these monies were sincerely, transparently and judiciously utilized, the region would have improved in terms of infrastructure and conflict reduced”.

“The various governors should in a non-partisan manner, transparently and openly coordinate the various funds and grants accruable to their respective states, and jointly at the regional level work together to improve the region”.

“We urge the people of the region to wake up from their deep slumber and peacefully and lawfully demand accountability, transparency and development from their various governments and leaders”

If the governments in the Niger Delta separately and collectively run accountable, open, and participatory governance, the violence, tension and crime in the region would reduce. CEHRD wants the situation in the region to improve and is prepared to work with those who share such values to improve the situation.


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