Environmental Knowledge Development through the Establishment of Rachel Carson Environmental Library

The environmental library was established to enhance environmental knowledge development and the promotion of collaborative research, learning and information sharing amongst scholars, activists, researchers and students across the Niger Delta region and beyond. The library has paper cover books and e-books.  

The key assumption behind the establishment of the library is that researchers working on environmental issues in the Niger Delta do not have access to designated locations where up to date resource books, reports and journals can be accessed. We have therefore established the environmental library to actualize the goals of being a Centre of Excellence in environmental research, advocacy and information dissemination. 


The library has books on Ecology, Political Ecology, Environmental Management, Earth Sciences, Hydrobiology, Human Rights, Public Health, Agriculture, Development Studies, Governance, Peace and Conflict Studies, Marine Ecology and seven desktop computers for Internet research. While it has not been formally commissioned and open to the public, some friends, colleagues and partners of CEHRD have started using it for research purposes. The library was named after Rachel Carson, in recognition of her contributions to the advancement of science and the environmental advocacy.

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