Training Manual on Gender and Entrepreneurship

Excerpt from the Forward to the Manual

”In May 2019, CEHRD conducted a baseline research on women’s workforce characteristics in Rivers and Bayelsa States. The study reveals that grassroots women are the bases of the local economy, yet their income could not take them beyond the feeding of their families. The report disclosed that women in the Niger Delta work very hard but earn little from their daily ventures. The study further reveals that the root cause of their low-income index is majorly because many of the rural women lack entrepreneurial skills. To ameliorates the economic hardship, CEHRD engaged vibrant Entrepreneur Consultants, Dr. Joseph Oshi, an academic and entrepreneurship theorist from the University of Port Harcourt, and Mr. Frank Nelson, an entrepreneur practitioner and trainer, to develop a fit-for-purpose training model that will respond to findings of the workforce characteristics baseline. Both Consultants blended their practical and theoretical experiences to assemble this practical training manual.

This manual is one of CEHRD’s outputs in addressing gender issues. Best practices and tools for engaging women and addressing gender issues can be found in CEHRD’s Gender Programme Initiative (CEGEPSI). It is our hope that this manual will be a user-friendly entrepreneurship guide to women in the Niger Delta in order to transform the present bleak economic landscape of the region by becoming outstanding women entrepreneurs.

Dr. David Vareba Head,

Human Rights and Governance July 2020.

You can download the training manual through the link below:

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