Eera Modern School


Mr. Francis Obok Edodi is the Principal of EERA MODERN SCHOOL, AGBONCHIA in Eleme Local Government Area, Rivers State. He was one of the participants of the town hall meeting on the provisions of the Violence Against Persons (Prohibitions) [VAPP] Law organized by the Centre For Environment, Human Rights and Development (#cehrd) supported by the #EuropeanUnion.

The Eera Modern School number was sensitized as others on the crimes captured on the #riversstatevapplaw and their respective punishments. He also acquired knowledge on the #rights of #victims of #GBV. Equipped, Mr. Francis didn’t let the knowledge die in him. Like “hot sweet cake”, he was willing to share.

He organized 3 sessions of the #riversstatevapp law training in his school involving the students, teachers and then students and teachers. In his words communicated to Egbilika Josiah, Advocacy Officer, #cehrd via WhatsApp, “I talked to them about the GBV, VAPP law in Rivers State that protect everyone facing various degree of violence in the state, such as rape, brutality by parents, teachers, fellow students, or anyone, abandonment, etc. I told them to always speak out when they are in danger, or when they are victim of any form of abuse. I listed some of the offenses and their punishment”.

Mr. Francis Obok cascading training of VAPP to students of Eera Modern School, Agbonchia, Eleme Local Government Area, Rivers State

Mr. Francis Obok also encouraged his teachers to encourage rape victims to speak out. He underscored that the culture of #silence is one major reason why there is increase in #GBV cases in Rivers State. “The teachers were also advised to encourage rape victims to speak out and get justice”, he said.

#cehrd is glad to know that the project: “Enhancing Prevention and Response to Gender Based Violence in Rivers State” supported by #EuropeanUnion is affecting lives positively. With such community work, remarkable decrease in #GBV is assured.

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