CEHRD Organised a Gender-Based Civic and Citizenship Education for Women In Governance Network

CEHRD organised a Gender Based Civic & Citizenship Education at Sagbama and Ibelebiri Town Halls (Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd March 2020) Bayelsa State. The training is focused on building the confidence of grassroots women, to educate them on their human rights and their limitations, and to encourage them to actively participate in politics. A total of 80 women (40 from each community) selected from the Women in Governance Network (WIGN) in Bayelsa State participated in the training.  

The training engaged the women in participatory manner which afforded each participant the opportunity to make quality contributions. At the end of the training, participants identified information management as one of the major strategy to attain political heights. Collective actions/support, grassroots awareness creation and door-to-door campaign were further identified as ways to engage more women in the communities on political relevance in Bayelsa State. The training will continue in other target communities in Bayelsa State and later Rivers State. This is part of activities under the framework for inclusive self-reliance and equal rights in the Niger delta, a project supported by the embassy of the kingdom of the Netherlands, Abuja. 

The WIGN is a platform designed by CEHRD to bring together women in politics and promote their inclusion and participation in politics. The network encourages women to support each other in politics, irrespective of parties’ affiliations.

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